Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 8/13/2019 - 6:30 PM
Category: Oral Reports
Type: Info
Subject: 8.3 Receive a report regarding the District English Learner Advisory Committee for 2018-19.
Strategic Plan Reference:
Organizational Core Value #1: We believe student success is the primary focus of all our efforts.
Organizational Core Value #7: We believe all people have value and worth; we embrace diversity and cultural differences as an asset and strength.
Priorities: Instruction #3: Provide differentiated instruction to meet individual student needs.
Priorities: Communication #4: Encourage and promote communication among all levels of education in order to connect programs, services, and curriculum.
Attachment Supporting Materials:
File Attachment:
DELAC Board Presentation 2018-19.pdf
Summary: The 2018-19 DELAC report gives a summary of the activities of the committee to support Beaumont USD. The DELAC receives input from parents about topics that are important to the families of students that are English Learners and provides information to families to help their students be successful in school.
Fiscal Impact/Source:
Recommendation: The administration recommends the Board of Trustees of the Beaumont Unified School District receive an English Learner report for the 2018-19 school year.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Kelly Hernandez - Secretary IV
Signed By:
Mathew Barnett - Director of TK-12 Programs
Signed By:
Tony Knapp - Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Support Services
Signed By:
Terrence Davis - Superintendent