Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 2/11/2020 - 6:30 PM
Category: Special, Legal, and Discussion Items
Type: Info
Subject: 9.1 Review the District calendar for the months of February and March 2020.
Strategic Plan Reference:
Priorities: Communication #1: Seek, support, and encourage open and honest communication.
Priorities: Communication #4: Encourage and promote communication among all levels of education in order to connect programs, services, and curriculum.
Attachment Supporting Materials: District Calendar
File Attachment:
February 2020.pdf
March 2020.pdf
Summary: The Board of Trustees appreciates the importance of community involvement and shall strive to keep the community fully informed of developments within the school system. In order to keep the Board of Trustees, staff, and the community informed of activities within the District, the administration shall make an effort to coordinate with the management staff, and provide notice of upcoming activities and events. Due to unforeseen occurrences, there is always the possibility that times, locations, and events may be rescheduled after such public notification. Individuals desiring further information should contact the entity involved with coordinating the event for any changes in the scheduled time or location.
Fiscal Impact/Source: None
Recommendation: The administration recommends the Board of Trustees of the Beaumont Unified School District review the District calendar for the months of February and March 2020.
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Signed By:
Terrence Davis - Superintendent