Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 5/26/2020 - 6:30 PM
Category: Business Services
Type: Action
Subject: 14.7 Approve amendments to the architectural agreement with DLR Group, Inc. for the Summerwind Trails Project.
Strategic Plan Reference:
Organizational Core Value #4: We believe all students can and should learn and it is our responsibility to provide appropriate opportunities to facilitate that learning.
Priorities: Resources/Materials/Equipment #1: Provide facilities, equipment, supplies and materials to enhance student learning.
Attachment Supporting Materials: DLR Group, Inc. - Original Agreement
DLR Group, Inc. - Contract Amendment with Proposals
File Attachment:
DLR Group, Inc. - Original Agreement.pdf
DLR Group, Inc. - Contract Amendment with Proposals.pdf
Summary: Based on the total construction value of the project, the architect fee will be reduced by a total of $233,224.00.

Staff requested three (3) architectural plan changes to ensure a more efficient site. The changes requested include the following:

1) $51,000.00 - Revision to design of roof drain to tie into underground storm drain.
2) $38,500.00 - Revision to design of entrance/exit driveways based on feedback from the City of Calimesa.
3) $3,000.00 - Revision of the building automation systems to integrate with the latest District infrastructure.

All changes requested by staff total $92,500.00, resulting in an overall credit to the agreement of $140,724.00.
Fiscal Impact/Source: Credit of $140,724.00
Fund 21 - Capital Project Funds (Measure Z Bond Funds)
Fund 25 - Capital Facility Fund (Developer Fees)
Fund 35 - County School Facilities Fund (SAB Funds)
Fund 49 - Capital Projects Fund for Blended Component Units (CFD Funds)
Recommendation: The administration recommends the Board of Trustees of the Beaumont Unified School District approve amendments to the architectural agreement with DLR Group, Inc. for the Summerwind Trails Project.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Katie Nunez - Facilities Technician
Signed By:
Lisa Hendrix - Facilities Coordinator
Signed By:
Penni Harbauer - Assistant Superintendet
Signed By:
Terrence Davis - Superintendent
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